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As you may have noticed we have made a few changes to the website. The order of the top games has changed, plus we have added some new one's including Zombie Horde 2 and Adrenaline Challenge and we have moved Weird Al's 'White and nerdy' to the top of the movies/music catagory for its class and style!

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GG site news:
19.11.07 Fredolution launched a few days ago and is now running - Visit it now!
16.11.07 Fredolution official launch date set for 18th November - Site locked - Admins can access through link below - ElCapitan - TheFroo
15.11.07 Fredolution still under construction
14.11.07 Click here - Blog article with news
16.9.07 Yes it has been a while but GG is still running, try checking out our YouTube profiles on our Movies page.
8.6.07 A cool stuff page is added. Check it!
2.6.07 Sorry we haven't been updating, been tied up in other things, such as JavaScript!